Experience craft beer, learn about Hanoi culture & authentic Hanoian food with a local expert.
Drink and talk with local people.

explore hanoi with Hanoi Craft beer Tour

You are probably familiar with crafted beer, you have drunk it in the bars of your home town or when you travelled around the country or possibly even or on holiday. It’s all the same right? Wrong! Vietnamese craft beer is like nothing else you have tried, it isn’t just the secret recipe that gives you such a unique flavour. The brewing process captures something of the weather, the climate and the people who brew it…in fact the very essence of the culture of the region.
You may also already be familiar with the famous flavours and styles of dishes of Vietnamese delicacies such as Phở, Spring Rolls, Bun Chả… You may have tried them at home or even in Hanoi. But there is more to Hanoi than those famous dishes and we want to show you the real Hanoi.

Do you think that riding a motorcycle in Vietnam is a bit too challenging? Fear not, we offer a safe and organised bike tour where you can really encounter the country and the city first hand.

We give you a new taste of the country through its beer and its food, you may think you know about all about it but believe us when we say that there is so much more to discover.
Eat, drink, ride..meet the locals and explore the culture with our Hanoi Craft beer Tour.

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what we offer on our craft beer tour

You love craft beer? You want to experience the best the city has to offer? You want to go to the best breweries and bars? You want to try the best Vietnamese foods? You love meeting new people and immersing yourself in new cultural experiences? Well, that is exactly what Hanoi Craft Beer Tour offer on tour.

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Experience the heart of the real Hanoi

With us you will hit the street with a group of knowledgable tour guides and likeminded adventure seekers. You will travel around the city seeing the glorious sites and architecture, hearing the street hustle and the sound of a vibrant city and surrounded by the smell and taste of malt, hops and succulent foods, a totally all encompassing, fully sensual experience that can’t be bettered. Book Hanoi Craft Beer Tour now to experience the heart of the real Hanoi.


A complimentary food & beer tastings experience: On this Five-hour guided beer, food and culture experience you will visit different locations where you will be able to sample a variety of  craft beers a range of local food. All destinations are locally owned and represent the tastes of Vietnam. In each you will savour a beer unique to Vietnam and these are served with carefully chosen foods to sample. The utmost care is taken to offer food and beer with flavours that perfectly compliment each other.  For example at one location you may be offered a smooth IPA beer with fresh spring rolls and peanut sauce, others might depend on more seasonal local cuisine being served with exciting craft beers.

At each of the six stops our guide will tell you a bit about the history and culture of the location, the food and the beer. All food and beer tastings are included within the tour price.

Hanoian Cultural Experience: As the saying goes, beer makes everything better, it can also make learning about history more interesting. If you want to learn about Hanoi’s past whilst taking in the sites and sounds, the food and the beer and the hustle and bustle of the city all in one go then this is the tour for you.

Hanoi has a long and interesting history. And on this tour you will visit and learn about some of the city’s most iconic and famous places and land marks. Such as The Hanoi Old Quarter, the heart of the older city, teaming with rickshaws, travellers and tourists but rich in history and a flavour of tines past. You will also pass by the Hanoi Train Station which was built by the French and which is still an important function in the city, still providing a daily train service. You will see the grand architecture of the temples and pagodas, the narrow houses and colourful streets, historic colonial mansions, the Bia Hoi street beer vendors and experience the exhilarating rush of motorbiking on Hanoi’s busy streets.

In addition you will receive tuition on how to drive on Hanoi’s busy streets and they will guide you through stories and anecdotes about how Hanoi has developed into the unique city it is today. You will also get to sample beer and local food between seeing the sites.

Tour Inclusions: 6 or more beer samples & all food and a generous selection of street foods from carefully chosen vendors.

Meeting and Ending Spot: Pick up is from St Joseph’s Cathedral & drop off is back to your hotel.

Please note, this is a motorbike/scooter tour, so dress for comfort. The pace is easy, and time on road between stops is no more than 15 – 20 minutes. It’s a short ride between stops and seeing the city on a motorbike is the perfect way to feel at home on its busy streets.

COST: 80$ USD/Person
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