FAQ Craft Beer Tour

What to Expect

You can expect our knowledgable local guides to share their passion and enthusiasm for local craft beer hanoi craft beer trip reviewwhilst you get to sample the city’s food and drink and explore its culture and history.

Why Take The Tour?

Whether you’re a craft beer newcomer or a home brewer, an aficionado or just looking for new experiences, you’re sure to enjoy a tour of local food between seeing the sites, lively beer conversation with new friends and the opportunity to experience the very best of Hanoi.

Who should take Hanoi Craft Beer and Food Cultural Tour?

Our Hanoi Craft Beer Tour is wonderful for Vietnam expats and tourists alike. This tour is for beer and culture lovers, people who want to get to know Hanoi and its sights and secrets better, foodies, couples, friends, and explorers. It combines the best of socialising and sightseeing and is perfect for any occasion – a cit holiday, a long weekend away, an experience for the last day before you head home or simply just getting together with friends. Whether you’re a distant traveller or someone who already knows the city, we guarantee that you will have a memorable time, and walk away with a greater appreciation of this wonderful city.

Why take the Hanoi Craft Beer and Food tour

Our Hanoi Craft Beer Tour helps you uncover of Hanoi’s best and most unique, local food culture. As you are guided through the neighbourhood you will discover the city’s best kept secrets, its fabulous culture and get to experience its most delicious craft ales in Vietnam, all of which will leave you feeling satisfied and buzzing with excitement. After the guided tour you will also receive a free neighbourhood guide featuring information about the stops, a detailed map of the craft beer places, other restaurants and cultural offerings nearby, and a diagram on how-to classically taste beer. Discover why Hanoi is one of the most charming, liveliest and unique cities in the world.

Hanoi Craft Beer Tour Reviews

“This tour was the highlight of our 15 days in Vietnam. The rest of our tour was marvellous but the perfect way to end the holiday in style has got to be with a tour of a variety of local drinking places on the back of a bike. My first thought was that it might be a bit scary on the bike in such a busy city but the young lady drivers are superb. Great way to see the real Hanoi, taste the craft beer, try some of the craft beer hanoi reviewamazing local food and learn about the history of the place. Thanks to Lee and the team, I loved it. A MUST DO! ”

Andrew from Sydney

“What an awesome tour! My group signed up for this on our last night in Hanoi and Vietnam and what a way to end the trip! Being on the back of the bikes and driving around the main streets and back alleys of Hanoi is an exhilarating adventure and makes you feel much closer to the people and culture than a bus tour would. Lee and his team are so much fun, educating you about all the different types of beer and food, and also the history of the place too. ”

Tom fron Newyork

“The tour is a great laugh, safe and my group could not wipe the smiles of our faces! I totally recommend this tour to anyone!!! I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Lee and driver team!!”

Lisa from UK