Exploring Hanoi through Food & Culture

hanoi food paradise

Dive into a street food paradise

After a day walking around Hanoi, of exploring back streets and bustling main roads, viewing majestic buildings and finding interesting places away from the tourist route, lunch time in Hanoi can be the highlight of the day. The city is not only a foodies paradise, it moves at such a pace that an old and vibrant street food culture can be found everywhere you look.
hanoi street

The Secret Sites of Hanoi, Vietnam

So, you’ve been to the top tourist spots as recommended by the Hanoi guidebooks. Now it’s time to explore the city like the locals. Hanoi Craft Beer Tour is perfect way to travel around the city, experience the hustle and bustle of its fast paced streets, its quiet back alleys and go to the places that many of the tourists never see.
women & beer in Vietnam

Beer! but Vietnamese women not allow

When you travel to Vietnam for the first time, there will be many new experiences and sites to take in. Besides the excitement and beauty of the landscape, the vibrant and colourful cities, the people and the culture in general, there is certainly one thing that is very different from Western society is that in all the bars and restaurants you visit, you will rarely see Vietnamese women drinking beer or smoking.