Beer! but Vietnamese women not allow

women & beer in Vietnam

29 Apr Beer! but Vietnamese women not allow

When you travel to Vietnam for the first time, there will be many new experiences and sites to take in. Besides the excitement and beauty of the landscape, the vibrant and colourful cities, the people and the culture in general, there is certainly one thing that is very different from Western society is that in all the bars and restaurants you visit, you will rarely see Vietnamese women drinking beer or smoking.
In Vietnamese culture that is quite normal and is part of the country’s tradition. Whilst men often have drink at the end of the working week you rarely see women doing the same. Does this mean that there is an inequality between men and women in the country? Not at all, its just different from Western cultures.

It is something which is slowly changing and particularly in the south of the country, women are more often seen drinking in bars but traditionally Vietnamese women see drinking as something unfeminine and ugly and there is a tradition in the country for women to look and act gracefully and beautifully in public. Beer, smoke and crowded public bars all detract from that image and so women tend to prefer other activities.

You could ask a thousand different women and you might get a thousand different answers regarding drinking but for now drinking is largely a male occupation as far as the Vietnemes are concerned.